On June 16, in the Embassy of Latgale GORS, a place took the musical and poetic production "Imants and Ziedonis". The production is based on the songs of Imants Kalniņš and the poetry of Imants Ziedonis, in addition to that, the records of the poetry and reflections in the reading of Imants Ziedonis himself are added to the concert program.  

Both masters were united by the collaboration that already has became legendary – with lyrics by Ziedonis, Kalninš has composed the oratory "Dzejnieks un nāra" (“The Poet and the Mermaid”), opera "Spēlēju, dancoju" (“I Sang, I Danced”). The cooperation between both has even been documented in the movie "Pūt, vējiņi" (“Blow, Wind!”). In the book "Jauno mūzika pēc divdesmit gadiem" music historian Ingrīda Zemzare writes the following: " (..) Imants Kalniņš goes hand in hand with Imants Ziedonis – as a philosopher publicist, as the direction indicator, which does not fear the wind and is not bothered by the worries – what will other think of me, if I cry, - who does not shame the bareness of his soul and the strength of the love."

During the production "Imants and Ziedonis" everyone had an opportunity to listen to the fragments of the oratory "Dzejnieks un nāra", well known hits "Mīlestība divreiz neatnāk", "Visskaistākām ogām pasaulē", "Buramdziesmiņa" ("Kamēr vien akmens augs") and many more less known or forgotten songs. For example, one of them - with the famous words "Mūžu mūžos būs dziesma", not in the dashing recital by Valters Kaminskis, but the lyric exposition by Kalniņš.  

The songs by Imants Kalniņš were arranged especially for this production by the music arranger and composer Andris Sējāns, guitarist Kaspars Zemītis and the Head of Valmiera Drama Theatre Music Department Emīls Zilberts. Together with Latvijan Radio Choir and the soloists of the choir Gundega Krūmiņa, Iveta Romancāne and Jānis Strazdiņš, in the production participated hardened “Ziedonist” Renārs Kaupers. In the instrumental band participated flutist Aldis Klučnieks, violinist Indulis Cintiņš, guitarist Kaspars Zemītis, contrabassist Jānis Stafeckis, drummer Ivo Krūskops and pianist Aldis Liepiņš.

The songs interchanged with the records of the voice of Imants Ziedonis – the poetry readings documented in different times and essay-like reflections or the concept plays, that were recorded in Latvian Radio ten years ago, in honor to the poet`s 70th anniversary. Ziedonis` reflection concepts chosen by the production concept author Sigvardas Kļava were “Children” (amiability that should be revealed more), “City” (this expansive prison), “Province” (overgrown territory opposite to Riga as the genius or idiotic head with two little and awkward hands and legs), “Spring” (plain, unpleasant time of year), “Time” (a figure of the movement), “Road” ( we have to move, until the knowledge enters us through our feet), “Letters” (we should be cultural people, in order to be able to write letters), “Friends” (I am too egocentric, to describe this concept), and, of course, “Butterflies” – these amazing, intangible, ephemeral creations of Imants Ziedonis.