For families

The Embassy of Latgale GORS provides a playroom for children “Dzi, te aug!” (“Listen, someone is growing here!”). During the time when parents attend the concert and other performances, the playroom will be a safe place, where in supervision of an adult, children are free to play, watch cartoons and entertain themselves with board games. 

Children playroom in the Embassy of Latgale GORS was designed and arranged in cooperation with Rezekne Business Association and “Austrumlatvijas koncertzāle” Ltd. The furnishing and equipping of the playroom was supported by the company of Rezekne Business Association “Zeize”, owners of which Ilona and Andris Filipenoks are the authors of the playroom`s design, the furniture factory “Stils” of Rēzekne Autobusu Parks, who provided some colorful furniture, company “Rēzeknes Dzirnavnieks”, who supported the purchase of TV, as well as metal production company “Nook Ltd”, “Rēzeknes Gaļas Kombināts”, the factory of milking equipment “Larta1”, and real estate evaluating company “Dzieti” who supported the arrangement of the playroom. Board games, toys, coloring pencils, and paper for creative children expressions were provided by the company “Alba Ltd”. 

Children playroom is intended for children from the age three to seven. It is open during the events organized by the Embassy of Latgale GORS.

For the new parents special rooms for baby change are located at the first floor of the building