The greatest pride of GORS, The Embassy of Latgale, are the two acoustic concert halls, the sonority of which is ensured by their special architecture that allows the acoustic properties to be modified depending on the type of the concert. This is made possible by the wall and ceiling shields, which are made locally in Rēzekne and whose angles are variable to reflect or muffle sound in the exact way needed. They are assisted by unrollable blinds and movable shields. For the soundscape to be impeccable, even the chairs have been constructed in accordance with certain acoustic parameters.

Vestards Šimkus, pianist: “In the European context, the acoustics of the GORS concert hall can be seen as exceptionally good, because it has been perfectly planned already at the building design stage instead of being adapted to the premises after the construction. I am especially pleased with the adjustable acoustic stage shields, which make it possible to customize the hall’s acoustics to the needs of a particular ensemble, orchestra or soloist. Such opportunity is uncommon even elsewhere in the world. The very character of the hall’s acoustics is especially pleasant and sonorous both for the audience and the musicians on stage themselves. This is rather rare as well. GORS is currently the best venue for acoustic concerts in the whole of the Baltics. As a pianist, I can say that the grand piano is definitely the most important thing. The GORS concert hall is equipped with two “Steinway & Sons” grand pianos of the highest grade, which, in conjunction with the wonderful acoustics, make this hall a place of dreams to perform at.”

Jan-Inge Gustafsson, “Akustikon” (Sweden): “You are well-justified to expect that both classical and popular music concerts at both the Great and the Small acoustic concert halls will be harmonious. In my opinion, the project is very interesting, because they have truly been very successful in paying attention to multi-functionality.”