Visual identity

The visual identity of GORS, The Embassy of Latgale, has been created on the basis of the brand’s core values and the idea of an embassy for Latgale and the creative spirit in action. Using graphic means of expression, the identity accentuates and celebrates the main cultural legacy of Latgale – the language. The nuanced differences from the Latvian language that make the Latgalian language special and vibrant are identified and emphasized with vivid liveliness. The word and the language is the foundation of the identity of GORS. In the beginning, there was a word – an ethereal spirit that becomes visible, tangible and audible in the visual materials of GORS. The identity of GORS is the celebration of the Latgalian language’s dearness. The logo of GORS is the main element of the centre’s visual identity – it is based on the brand name, which is overlaid with a coloured label of the letter “O” that indicates the differences between the Latvian and Latgalian languages in this word. This way the logo also marks the foundation for a common visual identity – the graphic play emphasizing the difference between various words and the peculiarities of the Latgalian language. The basis of the identity of GORS is based on six coloured versions of the logo, which are equivalent to each other and together form a vivid palette of identity colours.

The visual identity of GORS, The Embassy of Latgale, was created at the “Asketic” design studio . Miķelis Baštiks, graphic designer: “In the designing process for GORS we wanted to highlight the story about the unique cultural and language heritage of Latgale. Not hiding it and setting it aside as secondary, but rather accentuating and celebrating it. We chose to tell this story by emphasizing the seeming peculiarities of the Latgalian language and making the differences between words become the common handwriting of the visual identity. The chosen colours reflect the diversity and vibrancy of life, song and being in the visual identity.”