Plays by Klaipeda Youth Theatre - THE SHOE STORIES and TUNES

Within the International Theatre Festival „Step by Step” Klaipeda Youth Theatre with their guest plays visited in the Embassy of Latgale GORS. They performed with two sound and movement plays – „The shoe stories” and “Tunes” – the central event of the festival.  

„The Shoes Stories“ is created to be the play of rhythm and dance. These are the stories about our shoes, told by the actors by using different theatre storytelling techniques. Shoes are a part of our everyday life. They know where are we going to, when do we stop, when do we run away, and what are the steps we make in our life. The stories by human beings live in the shoes and they will be revealed to the audience by singing and dancing actors. We cannot even imagine how much can the pair of shoes tell about our life.   

„The Tunes“ - the play is based on Lithuanian folk songs, which, in a different interpretations and comprehensions, will be told by the actors of Klaipeda Youth Theatre.