From October 25th through October 29th, the Embassy of Latgale GORS will be hosting the third International Organ Music Festival “ORGANisms”. Festival’s Artistic Director is organist Iveta Apkalna – a world known musician and honor organist of one of the most recognizable concert venues of the world (Hamburg Elbe Philharmonic Hall). This year’s festival will present three unique programs created by the organist Iveta Apkalna, musician Renars Kaupers, and Hungarian organist improviser Laszlo Fassang.

ONE MIND WITH OTHER. Iveta Apkalna, Renars Kaupers, and Children

Iveta Apkalna, Renars Kaupers, and Janis Ivanovs Rezekne Secondary Music School students invite everyone to the festival opening concert “One Mind with Other”. Previous festivals have presented the collaboration of Iveta Apkalna and children in the procutions “Sun. Children. Rainis” and “If I Would”. This year’s festival program will present Renars Kaupers song arrangements performed by the musician himself, Janis Ivanovs Rezekne Secondary Music School students, and instrumental band lead by Einars Lipskis. The intrigue of the musical production is the question “Can an organ perform Renars Kaupers’ compositions?”.

Creative group:
Direction – Māra Zaļaiskalns
Performance Design – Daina Salmiņa
Costumes – Ināra Apele
Choirmaster – Anda Lipska
Choreography – Ilmārs Dreļs
Arrangement – Ilona Rupaine, Einārs Lipskis, Dace Mangulsone, Guntars Poplavskis
Light artist – Ervīns Šaicāns
Renārs Kaupers – vocal, guitar
Iveta Apkalna, organ
Children's choir of JIRMV
Einārs Lipskis (Keyboards), Toms Lipskis (bass), Mārcis Lipskis (guitar, mandolin), Jurģis Lipskis (percussions), Pīters Daugulis (blockfute)

Photo: Andrejs Vasjukevičs/the Embassy of Latgale GORS