Marija Naumova – MIDNIGHT IN PARIS

An unique, unlike musical walk in the romantic Paris was taking place on August 30. During the concert, the singer with a help of her music, created the atmosphere of France, allowing the listeners to experience at least a little bit the charm and elegance of Paris. Everyone had an opportunity to hear the most beautiful melodies of Paris – well known, or a newly composed.   

Concert program “Midnight in Paris” is created as a musical play. The singer Marija Naumova not only sings, but also tells the stories about Paris, performed songs and their creation process. The concert audience had an amazing opportunity to enjoy the performance of an outstanding accordionist Francois Parisi, who has been recognized as the best performers of this genre in the world. Some new compositions, composed for Marija by Francois Parisi, will be performed during the concert program “Midnight in Paris”. Together with Marija Naumova and Francois Parisi on the stage will perform the musicians that have played together already more than 15 years - Rolands Belevičs, Norberts Skraucis and others.