From October 25 to 29, in Rezekne, at the Embassy of Latgale GORS, a place will take the third festival of the organ music – ORGANisms. The artistic leader of the festival will be the organist Iveta Apkalna, the Main organist of Hamburg Elbphilharmonie.

Similar to the organisms, the organ is a complicated creation, characterized by the exchange of the substance and energy. Playing with the words, organ (organ in Greek) and organisms, the director of the festival Iveta Apkalna (a world known musician and honor organist of one of the most recognizable concert venues of the world (Hamburg Elbe Philharmonic Hall) has intended to reveal the undetected opportunities of the organ play, as well as other arts, centuries and styles. This year’s festival will present three unique programs created by the organist Iveta Apkalna, musician Renars Kaupers, and Hungarian organist improviser Laszlo Fassang.

The main incentive for the foundation of the festival is the purchase of digital organ Johannus Ecclesia in 2014. This concert instrument is located in the Embassy of Latgale GORS, this way opening many opportunities – not only performances of different genres and composed groups of performers, but also new experiments, collaboration forms and sounds.

International Organ Music Festival “ORGANismi” started in Rezekne in October of 2015. At its two years, the festival has grown to reveal the versatility and opportunities of an organ as a concert instrument. First festival presented the collaboration of Iveta Apkalna and chamber orchestra “Sinfonietta Riga”, German organ improviser Ansgar Valenhorst, and light and shadow show by contemporary dancers under the lead of Lilija Lipora. In addition to this, festival program presented a theatric production “Sun. Children. Rainis” inspired by Rainis. In 2016, festival Artistic Director Iveta Apkalna took a part in an organ and piano duo with pianist Juris Zhvikovs, however, the organ as the central concert object was presented in a four handed collaboration by French organist Naji Hakim and Marie-Bernadette Dufourcet. Also, inspired by Italian writer Gianni Rodari fairytales, the concert program will be enriched by a musical production “If I Would”. 

Festival is organized by the Embassy of Latgale GORS, supported by Rezekne City Council, State Cultural Foundation and Joint Stock Company “Latvia’s State Forests”. The organizers hope that with the purchase of Johannus Ecclesia and the new music festival, Rezekne and the Embassy of Latgale GORS will be marked and recognized in the world map of the organ music.

October 25 at 18.00, ONE MIND WITH OTHER. Iveta Apkalna, Renars Kaupers, and Children

Iveta Apkalna, Renars Kaupers, and Janis Ivanovs Rezekne Secondary Music School students invite everyone to the festival opening concert “One Mind with Other”. Previous festivals have presented the collaboration of Iveta Apkalna and children in the procutions “Sun. Children. Rainis” and “If I Would”. This year’s festival program will present Renars Kaupers song arrangements performed by the musician himself, Janis Ivanovs Rezekne Secondary Music School students, and instrumental band lead by Einars Lipskis. The intrigue of the musical production is the question “Can an organ perform Renars Kaupers’ compositions?”.

Creative group:
Direction – Māra Zaļaiskalns
Performance Design – Daina Salmiņa
Costumes – Ināra Apele
Choirmaster – Anda Lipska
Choreography – Ilmārs Dreļs
Arrangement – Ilona Rupaine, Einārs Lipskis, Dace Mangulsone, Guntars Poplavskis
Light artist – Ervīns Šaicāns
Renārs Kaupers – vocal, guitar
Iveta Apkalna, organ
Children's choir of JIRMV
Einārs Lipskis (Keyboards), Toms Lipskis (bass), Mārcis Lipskis (guitar, mandolin), Jurģis Lipskis (percussions), Pīters Daugulis (blockfute)

October 26 at 18.00, THE SECRETS OF THE SOUND. ORGANisms 2017. Scientific Theatre for Children

During the last year’s festival “ORGANisms”, inspired by the essence of a digital organ, children had an opportunity to explore the complex nature of electricity. This year also the festival team is continuing its collaboration with the scientific theatre “Laboratorium.LV”. Everyone will had a chance to reveal the mystery of a sound – how is it created, and what are the methods of presenting the sound?

October 27 at 18.00, PreConcert Conversations

Before the concert everyone is welcome to learn more about the authors, history of composition creation, its musical structure, and traditions of performing in a presentation of the musicologist and Latvian Radio 3 Classic Editor Ilze Medne.


October 27 at 19.00, BACH TIMES THREE. ORGANisms 2017. Iveta Apkalna Solo Concert

This year, the world known organist Iveta Apkalna’s name has been heard more thanks to the newly opened Hamburg Elba Philharmonic Hall. The inspiration of Johann Sebastian Bach, “Holy Trinity” of music, his immortal musical heritage, and influence through centuries, is what has led Iveta Apkalna to the creation of her festival solo program. Three short concert parts will reveal six J. S. Bach “Shübler Chorales” and composer’s creations in triple meter – the golden peak of the organ music "Passacaglia" C Minor and “Chaconne” in D Minor adjustment from the violin solo part to organ. In order to display the transition of the ancient and noble dance in to the 20th century stage language, festival program will present the tragic-filled Passacaglia, the only organ original composition by Dmitry Shostakovich, from his opera “Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District”. Concert program will be concluded with Franz Liszt’s tribute to J. S. Bach – a virtuoso and majestic Fantasy and Fuge on the Theme B-A-C-H.

October 29 at 17.00, THE BLACK AND WHITE VARIATIONS. Laszlo Fassang (Hungary), Hammond Organ and Cinema

Laszlo Fassang (László Fassang) is one of the most versatile organists of his generation. Honor graduate of Liszt Music Academy and Paris Conservatory. In 2002 received the golden medal for improvisation in a prestige organist competition in Kalgari (Canada), Grand Prix and the Audience Sympathy Award in 2004 at Chartres competition in France. Currently, in addition to the pedagogical work, he regularly takes a part in international organist competition jury, performs in Europe, North America, and Far East. He is the Artistic Director of the organ music concert “Palace of Arts” (Budapest), as well as the professor of improvisation in Paris Conservatory. Musician’s first contact with Hammond organ (invented in 1934) happened in Canada, in 2002. Since then, he has realized that the Hammond organ is now both, his challenge and inspiration. On the program of the improviser – improvisations and sound tracks from black and white movies of different countries and centuries.