YOU AND ME. Love Rock Ballad and More...

On 16th September, 2017, Latvian rock legend – guitarist, composer, and the author or numerous well-known music hits Harijs Zarins celebrated his 60th anniversary. In honor of this, with some help of his friends, musician planned a concert tour “You and Me”.

“This tour is the celebration of my anniversary – the celebration I have invited to my most beloved performers, who, of course, are also close friends of mine: Aija Andrejeva, Dinara Rudane, Antra Stafecka, Alex, Janis Bukelis (Buks) and, of course, music group COLT. This will also be the time we will celebrate Atis Ievins’ 30th birthday. This means, the audience will have an opportunity to enjoy many unusual, interesting and unprecedented duos, however, let the details remain a surprise. "

Photo: Andrejs Vasjukevičs