Premiere of Opera Pasticcio A HOME FOR MŰTEL

On September 13. in Rezekne, the Embassy of Latgale GORS, was held the premiere of the multimedial opera Pasticcio “A Home for Műtel” – the culmination of the 10th Baroque Music Days (BMD) in Rezekne.

Performance “A Home for Műtel” was created as an opera Pasticcio or “opera pate”. This variation of opera is originated in the time of baroque in Italy. Usually it combines the compositions fragments of different composers. The opera created by the representatives of Rezekne city, is a multimedial performance, that is not opera in its romantic understanding of nowadays, but the opera in its original comprehension – coming from the word “opus”, with a meaning of “production, performance” and “a source of an inspiration to others”. In the performance the compositions of Johan Gottfried Műtel meets with the creations of two composers of the nowadays: the original music of Burkhard Kinzler, the composer living in Zurich and the contemporary arrangements solo songs by Műtel, the sample compositions  for the computer by the Swiss Vinzent Flückiger. Its place is the opera is found by Latgalian folk song as well.

At the Opera Pasticcio “A Home for Műtel” performed international recognition gained interprets of the ancient music, the musicians that had performed in the concerts of BMD many times. Opera is created especially for this festival and is a project of “Kesselberg Ensemble” generated in collaboration with the Embassy of Latgale GORS, Rezekne J.Ivanovs Music School, and Rezekne Folk Theatre. It is dedicated to the 10th anniversary of Baroque Music Days in Rezekne and the jubilee of the “Kesselberg Ensemble”.  

Music: Johann Gottfried Müthel, Burkhard Kinzler, Vincent Flückiger

The creators and participants of the production: Ilze Grudule – Artistic Director, Māra Zaļaiskalns - directing, Marts Mihailovs – actor, video, Serdžo Adzolīni – baroque basson, Aija Veismane – soprano, Hugo Naessens – countertenor, Joost van der Linden – tenor, Raitis Grigalis – baritone, Kesselberg Ensemble (Basel, Switzerland), Choir of Rezekne J.Ivanovs Music School, conductor Anda Lipska, Ināra Apele - costumes, Daina Salmiņa – set design, Ervīns Šaicāns – lighting.

Photo: Andrejs Vasjukevičs