DABASU DUROVYS – Music Album BĀKA Presentation Concert

On September 9, the third studio album “Bāka” of the domestic music band „Dabasu Durovys” reached the listeners.

Album is composed of 11 songs. This time, as well as before, an integral specialty of the band are the lyrics in Latgalian, with songs in Latvian also being included in the album.

Album is pervaded with an idea about each of us having a landmark to be following, in order to live a fulfilled life. If one like this is found, it remains only to move towards despite all the obstacles and difficulties.

The records were created in the band`s music studio in Daugavpils, as well as in the home studios of Arnis Slobožaņins, Romāns Sladžs and Juris Linužs. Songs mixed by Armands Treilihs. The mastering of the album performed by Nick Daves (France). In the records participated:  music band „Dabasu Durovys” (Arnis Slobožaņins, Egils Kulmanis, Romāns Sladzis, Aleksandrs Tamans, Kristaps Strods, Valdis Rundzāns), as well as guest performers: Laura Bicāne, Evija Smagare, Dārta Stašāne, Tatjana Larionova, Andris Jurāns and Armands Ozoliņš. The cover design by Aivars Bulis.