Concert of Roma Dance and Songs by Musical Theatre RADA

On October 9, for the first time in Latvia, in the Great Hall of the Embassy of Latgale GORS a place took a production by Igor Suvorkin and Musical Theatre “Rada” from the city of Grodna, Belorussia with a program of Roma Dance and Songs „Gine Roma”. 

Song and dance program „Gine Roma”, in its direct translation “Let’s go gypsies”, is a combination of professionalism and colorful, jaunty optimism. The basis of the program is created of the folklore of Belorussian, Russian, Moldavian, and Spanish romanies. Popular songs «Кай о бэрги», «Шатрица», «Мар Дяньдя», beautiful Russian romances «А напоследок я скажу», «Очи чёрные», «Красоту ищу я» and the most fiery dance performances – this all could be viewed, heard and enjoyed during the program of the Musical Theatre “RADA”.

The Creative Director of the Musical Theatre “Rada” is Igor Suvorkin, a laureate of prestige Russian romance competition for young performers «Romansiada». He has gained the recognition from the leading romance performers Alla Bajanova, Galina Preobrazhensk and Nikolai Slichenko. The ballet master–choreographer of the Musical Theatre Oksana Kimketov – the graduate of Saint Petersburg University of Choreography, due to her talent, has gained undeniable authority among the choreographers of Belorussia.

Photo: Andrejs Vasjukevičs