Concert Program for the Families IN THE WORLD OF CARTOONS

On August 24, in the Big Hall of the Embassy of Latgale GORS was held the concert program for the whole family with the participation of Jelgava Big Band and vocal jazz group “Framest”. The Artistic Director of the concert – Raitis Ašmanis. At the concert, the popular themes of the cartoons („Flintstones”, „Simpsons”, „Little Mermaid”, „The Lion King”, „Shrek”, „Beauty and the Beast”) were performed as well as the fragments of the films “The Sound of Music” and “Free Willy”. “Why the cartoons? They gather the family. Exactly this was expected – the families that enjoy the culture together. And again, the cartoons are the ones bringing them together. Who does not know Simpsons or Shrek?” says the Artistic Director of the concert R.Ašmanis.

For this concert, different melodies from well known animation films and movies were chosen, with an addition of a special jazz adjustments for the big band and a vocal group. From the first list of approximately 50 cartoons and movies, eleven compositions were chosen to be arranged with an interesting and entertaining touch of jazz. As R.Ašmanis explains: “The charm of jazz is hiding in the fact that this is “here” and “now”. This is an improvisation at the exact moment. We invite the audience to catch this moment and experience jazz as an amazing way of relaxation.”