NEW YEAR’S MUSIC BY REINIS ZARIŅŠ. Music by Latvian composers

Pianist Reinis Zariņš is one of Latvia's brightest talents. His piano solo programs are always deeply thought out and carefully crafted.

The solo program on January 29 will feature music by 21st century Latvian composers - new works by Matīss Čudars, Linda Leimane, Krists Auznieks, which will be complemented by the "old-time" music of Georgs Pelēcis. The title of the solo program includes G. Pelēčs' work "New Year's Music". Reinis Zariņš about the music of G.Pelēcis says: "I can't imagine any other classic that gives a sense of order and peace alongside youth work."

In the program:

G. Pelēcis New Year's music

M. Čudars Drive

L. Leimane Undulations

G.Pelēcis Preludes

K. Auznieks Carmine

G. Pelēcis Blooming jasmine


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29. Jan 202218:00, Saturday
Ticket price
13.00 €
Duration1 h 20 min
LocationMazā zāle
Event organizerAustrumlatvijas koncertzāle, SIA

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