Four White Shirts (1967)

Middle-aged cultural worker Anita Sondore feels that the song lyrics of the young poet Cēzars Kalniņš, as sung by a youth ensemble, are inappropriate. She writes a letter of complaint to the newspaper, thus setting in motion the system of censorship. “Four White Shirts” is a sensitive and emotional portrayal of the spirit of 1960‘s youth. R. Kalniņš’ dissection of the arts censorship system turned out to be too on point, and therefore – unforgivable. The film was banned from being shown and “shelved”. But it still lived on in legend and through the songs that Imants Kalniņš had composed for the film. The first time it was screened to the public was in 1986, when the songs had already achieved cult status.

Genre: drama
Directed by: Rolands Kalniņš
Cast: Uldis Pūcītis, Dina Kuple, Līga Liepiņa, Arnolds Liniņš, Pauls Butkēvičs
Country of origin: Latvia
Language: Latvian with subtitles in Russian
Film length: 2h 08 min

Not recommended for children under 12 years.

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24. Aug 201821:30, Friday
Duration1 h 45 min
LocationJumta terase
Price7.00 €
Event organizerAustrumlatvijas koncertzāle, SIA
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