The Opening of the Exhibit RĪGA-RĒZEKNE-RĪGA

From September 5 to September 30, in the Embassy of Latgale GORS is displayed the exhibit of the lecturers of Latvian Academy of Arts "Rīga – Rēzekne – Rīga", that was created by the works of the lecturers of Rīga and LMA Latgale branch.

The rector of Latvian Academy of Arts Aleksejs Naumovs describes the exhibit as a cohesive whole, where Rīga and Rezekne meets. This indicates the beginning of a new study year that will be spent in a close collaboration. Rector tells that this is very important to show the personality of the academy to the new students and the public, in order to see together the way they work, the common, and different in their creations, as well as to create the foundation for the cooperation with students. Naumovs emphasizes that the diploma works of the students are created in a collegial collaboration with their lecturers. This is the reason why this is important for the students to see the direction of the lecturer`s creations, in order to find themselves in the art. 

Rector indicates, that the 240 km way from Rīga, for the exposition of the lecturer`s works, is closely connected with the idea of academy about the promotion of art availability in region, as well as the approval of the outstanding and equivalent level in the arts scene of the art education in Latgale branch.

In the exhibition participates: Aija Baumane, Kristians Brekte, Vjačeslavs Fomins, Elīna Ģibiete, Māra Kalniņa, Ieva Krūmiņa, Daina Manuško, Jānis Murovskis, Aleksejs Naumovs, Juris Petraskēvičs, Guntars Sietiņš, Aivars Sprūdžs, Andris Vītoliņš, Kristaps Zariņš, Anatolijs Zelčs and Osvalds Zvejsalnieks.